Why Do My Gel Nails Chip so Fast?

Decorating your hands and feet with paint colors, brush strokes are also factors that create beauty and confidence for you. But why do my gel nails chip so fast? .There are many factors that will damage your beautiful nails during the gel coating process to be aware of.

Why Do My Gel Nails Chip so Fast?

There are many reasons why gel-style fashion nail polishes become a favorite for women. For example, you do not need to spend a lot of time waiting for the paint to dry because gel polish must use the best LED lamp for nails. It means that you will avoid smudging until it gets dry completely. Gel-type nail polish will last for more than half a month, which is a lot longer than regular nail polish. But one thing that makes every girl so impatient is when they have to clean them. This makes busy office girls always feel very troublesome.

Besides, not taking care of your nails after using gel polish can make nails look worse. Let’s take a look at some mistakes and solutions.

Why Do My Gel Nails Chip so Fast?

# 1 Remove gel nail that isn’t clean

If you want nice looking hands, the first thing you need to do is to remove the old gel polish. You have spent a lot of time to paint it and to dry it. Of course, cleaning gel nails also “cost” you a whole process.

If you don’t have the time to go to the salon, get a special kit at home. This store kit helps to remove gel polish at home, or you can make your own remover with 100% acetone. Do it slowly, as the gel simply won’t damage your nails, it depends on the time and how you do it right.

To do that, you can use a few specialized abrasives to rub on your nails until the gel loses its shine. Then, soak the cotton pad in acetone solution and apply it on each end of the nail. You should wrap the cotton tightly around the tip of the nail to prevent the acetone from evaporating. Then wait about 10 minutes to make sure everything is working.

However, this can sometimes take time as it depends on the amount of gel polish you used at the beginning. This procedure can even take as long as 40 minutes for the gel to peel off. If you feel the paint is too tight to peeling off, use a stick with a round tip to gently remove the paint. You should do this very carefully because otherwise it will peel off the outer layer of the nail and make the nail brittle.

Why Do My Gel Nails Chip so Fast

Certainly, after following all the above steps, your nails will have a little damage. So take good care of a nail with a nail balm (e.g., Deborah Lippmann).

#2 Not using nail balm

Although there are many views that nourishing lotions have no effect on the maintenance of gel polish, we can’t deny the formulas. In fact, you should use them as they will help keep the gel polish longer on the nail.

Beautiful nails are like sponges. If not moisturized and smooth, it will make the gel paint peel off, and paint will not last long on the nail. Therefore, special essential oils will help nourish your nails. They offer good moisture to your nails that help hold the amount of paint for a long time.

 # 3 Handling the peel off paint

If you feel the paint is peeling off, especially at the corner, you should re-apply some paint skillfully to the damaged area. We often have a habit of grab and pull the rest of the paint with peeling off area. This will affect not only your broken nail polish but also your nails.

 # 4 Chooses the wrong salon

Finding and choosing a reputable nail salon with gel coating techniques affects the quality of your beautiful manicure. You should pay attention to the technologies that it uses, such as the ultraviolet light bulb system that needs to be cleaned and changed constantly. Because if you don’t guarantee those principles, it can turn gel polish into many other formulas that damage your natural nails.

Currently, LED technology is very popular for professional manicures. It is because LED lights can be used for a long time without changing. Plus, LED light won’t be as harmful to the skin as UV light, helps gel polish to dry faster, and doesn’t take too much of your time.

Why Do My Gel Nails Chip so Fast?

 # 5 Doing other things when your nails are being painted

This is very common with busy girls. You often use your phone to text, surf Facebook while you’re painting gel nails. The light emitted from other devices will more or less affect its quality. So, be patient to take some time to beautify the perfect nail.

 # 6 Product quality

There are nail salons working on a cheaper formula that is available from old gel-based formula. You should take precautions against such formulas. Maybe it will make your nails much ugly, or the paint will peel off in the first week.

# 7 Blend a variety of products

Each brand’s gel coating formula has its own unique characteristics. These products are designed with protective steps, including primers. They work together to create the perfect paint color on your nails. So don’t easily mix one product with another if you don’t want unexpected results.

Ways to avoid nail damage when applying gel paint

  • Stay away from gel paints that contain formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), or methyl acrylate. It is because these are substances that not only affect the nails but also can negatively affect your health.
  • When exposed to UV rays at close range, skin and nails may get damaged, and you should apply sunscreen to both wrists, hands, and fingers.
  • After removing the gel paint, the nails and the surrounding skin usually become dry. This happens due to prolonged contact with the coating as well as nail soaking water and “gel breaking” activities. To overcome this problem while limiting dry nails, you need to apply a bit of conditioner to soften and retain moisture.
  • If not follow the process of using gel paints, they will easily cause damage to the skin, nails, even health. Therefore, you should always remember and ensure the safety factor when applying gel to make beauty more effective.