Welcome and thank you for stopping by the blog!

Most people refer to me as Rae.  I decided to start a blog to fulfill my need to need to nurture and share, to encourage, inspire, teach and sometimes entertain.  Consider the blog a letter between friends, between us.  A love letter at times – because I always write with love.

My grandmother used to fire off letters from the dining room table when I was a girl.  Fierce!  She sent what I knew to be of the first letters that would read themselves to you – enchanted letters.  Some were love letters to members of the family.  Others were letters written in love, but to get someone straightened out.  Some were poems.  Some were just written in times of hardship to encourage and keep in touch.  I find it fitting I am sitting at my table, writing this today. It is with love that I write.  I send you love as you visit.  I wish you love in your life.

The blog is about what inspires me, the things I love.  My opinions and thoughts.   Truly a personal blog sharing my views .  A mishmosh of thoughts because well, that’s how my mind works.  The things that fall onto my heart for whatever reason.  Nothing more.  I definitely don’t have all the answers, I don’t claim to know it all.  I just have an opinion.  Sometimes I’m wrong, but most of the time I’m not….lol.  Intuition is something right?

A little about me:

****This is a LIVING list****

  • I consider myself to be an ordinary woman, working to lead an extraordinary life
  • Follower of Christ
  • I talk about God – a lot!  This may offend you.  However, I think you should read anyway.
  • Mustard seed-faith imbued
  • Africa inspired
  • Love for all most – I’m human – as far as I know
  • Love for the simpler things of life
  • Ridiculously optimistic
  • Eternally hopeful
  • Visionary
  • Bon vivant
  • Eclectic
  • Creative
  • I have a ‘thing’ for paper, perfume, fine soaps and clean, high thread count sheets
  • I LOVE being home
  • I still believe in true love
  • I have a thing for kettle chips & cheese – not necessarily together
  • I really ENJOY cooking.
  • I have wanderlust.  This is often resolved with walks or drives with no specific destination.
  • Detroit-made
  • Alabama red clay infused
  • Washington, DC fortified
  • Amateur chef
  • Oenophile
  • Revolutionary
  • Prefers pencil over pen (2B lead please)
  • Lusts after bungalows
  • Loves to laugh
  • Spirit led, Spirit driven
  • I love the violin.
  • I cry at opera, musicals and movies, good news and sincere apologies.  What? I’m a girl model.  Sometimes we cry (a lot).
  • I like sci-fi, comic books and other oddities.  I pay particular attention to the people of color in said stories.
  • As a kid I slept through the Grand Canyon – twice.
  • Lover of books, quotes and inspirational stories
  • Favorite stories: The Count of Monte Cristo, Les Mis, Native Son, Their Eyes Were Watching God, anything Dr. Seuss or Shel Silverstein and the list can go on.
  • I love short stories and collections of them.
  • I love books on social etiquette, writing, cooking.
  • I love “coffee table books.”
  • I love narrated movies.
  • Favorite Movies: The Count of Monte Cristo, The Illusionist, Le Mis, The Notebook, Pride & Prejudice, Trading Places, Inception
  • I am a highly social introvert
  • I collect African & African-American art, elephants and variations of the letter ‘R’
  • Beautifully in progress and coming along nicely
  • I write to encourage, share and generally get the thoughts out of my head. (and save my friends and family from the madness)
  • I believe in offering my life up as an example to encourage, nurture and maybe even save people time and heartache.  I am an open book.
  • I think cursing/swearing/profanity is an art. Potty mouths are needed.  But no need to be evil and break people down. Don’t be cruel.  Sometimes we need to just be able to express ourselves.
  • I am a woman who believes everything can be fixed with prayer, a lot of love, the right words, a fabulous home cooked meal and a glass of wine.  This process should be on repeat as needed.

Looking forward to our journey together.


Please note: the author reserves the right to change & add to this list whenever she feels the need.  Hence the term *LIVING* list.

To reach me, email me at fromraewithlove at outlook dot com