What Does it Mean to Be a Creative?

I feel like I’m always at this speed and need to slow down – slow down so I can see what I’m moving past.  Remember the days when we’d go to the old school carnivals and the conductor would tell you if it was going too fast or you needed to get off to raise your hand?  Yup, that’s how I’m feeling.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I am being torn in multiple directions.  Where I have these adult responsibilities and these desires to get ahead, my creative muse is always in the back of my head (that rhymes – wasn’t going for that but flow with me).   I mean I can tell myself if I worked less or had more money, I could be more creative.  I tell myself that form time to time.  But what role does stress, the busyness of life take on the artist’s soul? Many of us write and paint and sing through the pain.  That’s part of what being an artist, being a creative is about. I’ve written some of my best stuff when I’ve been devastated.  I have to admit, I often still do.  I’ve also written crazily amazing pieces in the middle of bliss.  Stories of happiness and love.

Sometimes though, you have to go through things to create things.

But what toll does it take on us?  Does it mean that we’re less likely to fulfill certain dreams all for the sake of following this one dream?

Then it pisses me off when people think that you’re not as creative because you’re not as productive as other artists.  Is there really a way to compare this?  Can we open the doors to those artists lives and peer in and see why they are able to paint?  And what happens to them after five years time?

Listen, I am all for being creative.  In fact, when I can do what I love full time one day, I may look back on this same post and wonder what I was thinking, where exactly I was in my spirit.  But what I know for sure, leading the fullest life possible is what lends to the art, to the writing, to the photos, to the sculptures.  I owe it to myself and to those I inspire and love, that love me, to lead the best life possible.

Many days, Lord knows I would love to get up and write and not have to ever worry about the general responsibilities of life.  In other words, it would be nice to get that best seller going you know?  But how does that happen?

It happens because you get up earlier than the rest, because you stay up later than the rest, because you design your life to be serious about what it is that you love. It’s pushing through the moments when you’re not really feeling the work or feeling your situation, your circumstances.  Whatever it is that looks like a block, it’s often reason enough to create.

How do you work through the low points?  When you’re feeling drained and uninspired?  How do you create the next best moment?