*Updated 10.15.12*

Short Version

Just a few notes on what From Rae with Love is about :

This is a blog about a woman on a journey to be her best self.   Love.   God.  Thoughts.   Writing.  Food.  Sex.  Photos.  Recipes (for tummies and for life). Love.  Setbacks. Love.  Progress.  Love.  Advice.  Fashion. Miscellaneous amazingness.

Remember, LOVE is the ultimate social currency and that God believes in you.

I look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts about the posts. If you have questions, feel free to email me directly at [email protected] or contact me here.



Long-winded Version

This is a catalog my thoughts.  My personal blog about my personal development and social currency.

This is my attempt to inspire and salvage all hope for being appropriate, loving and nice within myself and my communities.  I mean, whatever happened to that?  I’d like for some measure of care and love to be restored.  Is that too much to ask?  It might be, but I’m too hard headed not to try for it.  The way I see it, if I can just help a few people, inspire a few people then I would consider myself having been productive.

The fact is, we don’t take care of each other and I’d love to see it change.  Hell, we’re not taking care of ourselves even.  It’s gotten out of hand.  Mostly, my posts are about things I have  experienced or done.  Realizations I’ve come to.  My quest to be the prototype.  To be the best version of myself I can be.

It’s about me getting myself together, being able to handle the hardships and bad decisions with a measure of class.   A documentary of my life’s salvage.  Oooh!  This is a digital salvage yard aka my blog.  I swear I’m a genius.

It’s also about whatever else I want to add in here – since it’s my blog.  I reserve the right.   This may include but is not limited to being black in America, being a woman, culture, politics, things I love,  food, grocery shopping, being broke, being fabulous, living in the hood and well, riding the metro with daily characters, make-up, style, afros, wine, the occasional ratchetness that is unique to me and whatever other mishmosh of things I choose.

It’s about how I’m maneuvering through life too.  I mean, I still have to eat, be fabulous and get to work right?

There should really be a healthy dose of laughter too.  Trust me, just reading halfway through here and you’re already laughing right? Right. (God has a sense of humor).

It’s about living an extraordinary life and making an astounding difference while I’m here.  It doesn’t take all of the requirements the powers that be would make you think it does.  It starts with me and those I can directly impact every day.

It’s about maneuvering through the world in the best way possible and my take on what I see and how things are best handled.  How I should handle certain situations, handle others, handle the people who wrong me, who do me right, how I handle my emotions and feelings and how I handle it when I make those good and bad decisions that come with being human.

It’s also about how I handle getting up and getting dressed and manage to not cuss out everyone and maintain self get through the day.  It’s important not to cuss people out urrryday.

Your ability and desire to care for those around you is key.   It also means, you have to care for yourself.  Making an impact on people’s lives is as good as the impact you’re having in your own life.  When I thought about this, it meant I needed to pull the broken pieces of my life together and make something beautiful out of it.

It’s about my social currency.  Our lives are about social currency.

Social currency is generally defined as the information we trade in order to sustain relationships.  This trade can be in person at the water cooler, via text message, at work in a meeting, at your church, mosque or synagogue, as you give a stranger directions in DC or help them choose the right metro train (I see a lot of mayhem on the train).  It happens via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Tumblr and message boards.  The trade happens with our families, friends and strangers.  The ease in which you maneuver in life is largely based on not only your decisions, but how well you can manage your social currency.

Social currency is about how much effort we’re willing to put forth and invest to garner the lives we say we want and more importantly, at what cost.  I often think it doesn’t seem to be worth it to make it at any cost only to have left all of your loved ones behind.  Not everyone thinks this way, but at the end of your life, it will be only the people you have directly helped, loved and cared for that will ever make a difference.

It’s about love and life (and food and cheap wine).

If we do things in love and with love, we’d be surprised to find how things would turn around.  Not everyone will buy this, but I can guarantee your family and closest friends will thank you for it.  It’s not meant for everyone.  Some people will have to be left behind.  Learn this early and hopefully your pain will be less.  If you have questions, comments or general rants, you can email me at fromraewithlove [at] gmail dot com.  You can also find me via the From Rae with Love Facebook page or on Twitter @fromraewithlove.