A Tribute (for Ms. Winehouse) & a Reminder to Those Who are Troubled (including myself)

I needed to get to part II of Give Up to Get Up sooner rather than later.  I waited a few days to see what everyone was saying.  Let me say thank you to everyone who reads, comments, passes through and sends direct messages to me.  I am ever grateful for it and thankful.

I began writing part II, and then I received news that the ever talented, soulful Amy Winehouse had been found dead in her London home at the young age of 27.  I mean, I JUST found out.  It stopped me right in mid-sentence while on the phone with one of my good friends.  All he heard me say was – NO! Shut the front door! NO …it can’t be.  Then I checked online and it is and was true.

It hit me hard.   Then I had to stop writing part II…or maybe this is a bridge to it.  I don’t know.   All I know is that I’m listening to an Amy Winehouse playlist – y’all know how I love my music.  I’m really having a hard time grasping the fact that the life  in this voice I’m hearing is gone.  What we have from her is it.  And man did she bless us!!!  Have you listened to the WORDS and the subject matter?  Isn’t she singing our thoughts and lives?  What she left for us is a blessing and it’s what we have to remember her by.

Mostly, I pray she has found her place in the Heavens where her voice and all that soulful talent can reign down on us.  I am thankful she was able to release her talent and share those vulnerable parts of herself and her creativity with us.  In that sharing, she leaves her legacy. So Bravo! Ms. Winehouse for being the spirit you were, for sharing with us and may your spirit find comfort and rest.   Her music alone is worthy of study.  It’s the kind of music you can listen to when heartbroken or upset and you feel it!!!  Get that ugly cry out.  You know she feels you… has been right there.  So young and she was channeling all of that soul, dropping talent on us left and right.  May we all reach the places and destinations in our lives where we can leave an indelible mark and change the world from our stage for the better.

It’s always sad and unfortunate when someone so young, so talented with so much potential is gone.  Really, it’s sad for those of us who are living, who lose someone too soon.  Period. I am saddened by her death.  Her decline was made a public spectacle and we all watched.  I’d like to think many of us wanted her to win, to pull it together.  Then there are others who watched and cheered and waited for her next fall.  Doesn’t the latter happen too much nowadays?  People waiting in the wings – hoping to see another person fail?

Only people in her situation or who have managed to come out of her kind of situation can truly know what demons she was dealing with.   Mind you, demons like this come in many forms, shapes, problems.  I stand here today stating first, that many of us should not judge her, nor should we condemn her.  So many people have been lost to those things they couldn’t let go of; many of us are losing to the things we can’t go of.  Many of us really aren’t too far above where she is and we can’t see it.  We look like we have it all together – and we don’t.  Some of us, had it not been by the grace of God – for WHATEVER reason, would not be here to even have an opinion on the matter in the first place.  So I say to those who criticize, judge, have negative words or are spewing “vitriole” – have a seat.

We have lost so many talented people over the years to various forms of what can be referred to as “troubles.” So many talented people have dealt with and are dealing with demons and troubles, so to speak, that aren’t always evident to everyone else.  Sometimes, these talented people happen to be ourselves.  And we need to know when to ask for help.  We need to be able to know when we have crossed a line and are taking things too far.  I also say we need to make sure we have people who surround us that can, hopefully, pull us back when we cannot see ourselves and honestly, don’t even want to see ourselves.  Be ever mindful of this.

We also have to make sure we know how to reach out to the other people in our lives that need help.  Have you been watching anyone you love fall apart at the seams lately?  Didn’t say anything?  Haven’t called to check on them or just stop by and say hello?  Our culture has become so accustomed to “minding our business” that we fail to look after people under the guise that we’re “minding our business.”  We’re “minding our business” at the decline of our families and our relationships.  Sometimes all it takes is a call or a visit.  Just saying.

Here’s a call to actually look after ourselves and each other.  Let’s re-learn how to do it if we’ve forgotten.  It’s easy to get caught up in the daily bullshit and humdrum of the THINGS we consider important when the only important things are people and ourselves.

I could go on and on with a list of things I need to work on.  So, I’m speaking from my own glass house right now.  I’m ok with it.  I will take responsibility for my own bullshit and shortcomings.  I ask for you take a look around your own glass house and begin those repairs before things start falling down around you and they cannot be fixed.

Be mindful, if you woke up this morning, there’s still something for you to do…someone for you to reach out to and help and love and encourage.

Look out for yourselves and after each other.