Choosing Right in 2013…and Beyond


Happy New Year Everyone!! I pray the year is amazing so far for you.  I’ve been in a wonderful place lately.  Mostly because a lot of the work started last year.  I also know I love a New Year.  The passing of 2012 and seeing 2013 had me grinning all day on December 31st.  Mostly because I felt like I had won. I am winning.  I had made it. I am making it.  I hope and pray you find yourself in a place of renewal and restoration as you’re reading this.

On today I only want to stress two things – choose God and choose yourself.

Yeah, I just cut to the quick.

At the beginning of 2011 I didn’t have a clue as to many of the things to unfold in 24 months.  But do we ever?  I know for me, so many days, I pad along and mind my business.  The same happy in and out rhythm of life.  Thinking about, planning for all of the things I want, the things I want to do, the people I love and want to spend time with. How I want to create my life, what decisions are coming.

So today, this post is about a statement my bestie Donna (hey boo!) and I used to say – “Choose Right.”  We used to talk about it in terms of men who would walk up to the two of us and then not know who to choose.  Being that we were very different in some ways (in looks, personality) we are kindred.  It used to confuse men.  So the rule was once that if he chose one over the other, well then, the choice was made.

I think today, we’d both look at each other and we still wouldn’t care – we never did.  I also think we’d manage to say “hey – I met this guy and I’m not interested in him but he’d be a good fit for you.”  Then tell the poor guy that he had a better shot with someone else.   It bees like dat sumtahms.

I write all of this today to say we need to choose right. And this doesn’t mean all of our choices will be easy ones.  It’s the ones that count that we most struggle with.  Or is it?  It’s those choices we have to make when we’re alone, sometimes at night when there’s nothing else moving but us.  I mentioned it before, the most important choices come in the still and quiet moments when there is no one around to watch you struggle and cry.  I also think if you’re not careful, so many of the choices we make are the quiet, silent ones.  Sometimes, you have no idea deciding to go deliberately do something (or not), ignore a phone call (or not) or choosing not to make a decision (which is a decision) can change the course of things to come.  It seems like an unimportant decision – but so many of those add up to the way our life looks in five years. A decision to not participate in a project that you thought was worthless and a waste of time can be a million dollar idea.  The point is – you thought it was a small, insignificant decision.

But it’s ultimately up to us to make the best choices for ourselves and for our families. Sometimes those choices will be ones that break our hearts but are necessary.  Sometimes the choices will be cut clear.  Sometimes the choices will break someone else’s heart. but you have to learn to choose what’s right for you and run with it. Prayerfully, it doesn’t hurt anyone else. but the most important thing is – does it help you?

Our choices eventually define us.  Good, bad, indifferent, selfish, considerate, loving or hateful.  It’s those seemingly small decisions that add up day after day.  Like grains of sand in an hour glass.  Or drops of water over a rock. The water wears the rock down over time – one drop at a time.

I learned so much over the last 24 months.  A culmination of all of the lessons I have learned as a young woman until today.  Some things that managed to rock my foundation.  Some things – the lessons can’t even be unwrapped yet.  But the thing is, all of those events put me right where I am in this moment on January 3, 2013.  So I am thankful for these situations and even for the people – some of them that were seasonal – that taught me.

I really got to work on my vision board last week.  I listed what I wanted overall for the year.  I am still working on it and I plan to list everything I can think of in the next few days. Also, I was thinking about something a dear friend said to me about the vision board being static – as in fixed.  I told him that isn’t necessarily true, but I’m thinking I may have been wrong on that statement.   Those are things I really want and desire.  I don’t see them changing anytime soon.  You win on that one Sir.

I have a post coming up about the lessons learned in 2012.  I am also about to do a co-post with the bestie @RoddKlever on our theme for the year.  I’m trying to get Donna to do a guest blog – you think MY writing is good? She’s got stories for days. I’m also planning some wonderful projects and additions to the blog. I can’t wait to share them with you!! I’m really excited about this year, about life, about the blog, about my writing and about all of the things to come!

So remember – choose God, choose yourself.  You don’t go wrong making those decisions.

Can’t wait to share the remaining posts with you over the course of this month.

Let me know – how are you feeling in the new year? Did you make any resolutions?  A vision board?  Making any major changes or moves for yourself?