I was headed home on Monday night to cook. Heading home, I realized I needed a few items. Equally upset that I hadn’t used my lunch hour during the day, as I rode the crowded blue line train I tried to figure out where it was convenient to stop and get what I needed.  If you’ve lived in DC and took the train, you know the grocery store isn’t always easy access from the train.  If it is, it can be pricey or not have the things you really need.  It takes clever manuvering.  I opted to get off at Eastern Market to head to Hills Kitchen.  First of all, I love the shop and the classes they offer.  If you’re someone who loves to cook, or love someone who loves to cook, they have all sorts of beautiful things and salts, extracts, books and things cooks love. I stop in and lo and behold no confectioner’s sugar.  No worries – I can surely find a way to use my time and look around.

Check the gallery below!


But little to my knowledge, there was a fundraiser happening.  With a cheese class being the allure for the guests.  I happened to be in the right place at the right time.  A very nice lady (Hi Diane!) had an extra ticket and offered it to me.


Normally, I would say no…I can’t.  I have to go home and do whatever it is that’s so important that I need to get home.  But it isn’t that type of party this year or going forward.  This is a year of saying yes and doing new things and doing the things I WANT to do. How was I supposed to say no?  I wasn’t.

I was so blessed to meet Pamela Hess who is the Executive Director of Arcadia Farm.  They offer affordable food access to those in food deserts.  I love their Mobile Market offered during the summer and I plan to head on over there as soon as the weather warms up.   Last night’s class benefits the farm.  You can also follow them on Twitter @ArcadiaFood.  I love that you can donate and sponsor visits for people!

The star of the evening was the cheese.  Firefly Farms offers the most amazing and fresh goat cheeses.  Never tried goat cheese? You’re missing out. They served a series of cheeses paired with wines for the evening.  We even learned how to make our own ricotta! So guess who will be making ricotta at home? This girl!  We had the chance to learn about the process of cheese making, about their creamery and the best part is if you’re in the DC Area you can go to the Dupont Circle Market and buy their cheeses or order them from the various Whole Foods in the area! Check them out on twitter and follow them at @FireflyCheese.

As you know, I have to admit, a few lessons were reinforced to me:

Say Yes.

Sometimes, we just need to say yes.  Break out of whatever routine we have and go with the flow.  Had I not been there, had I not talked and been friendly or said yes, I might not have had the opportunity to meet some really amazing people and try new things.

Be prepared.

Since I got the camera, I pretty much have it with me all the time.  Great photo opportunities don’t wait.  Photography has been teaching me so much about myself.  About what I find beautiful and interesting.  [another post in the works] The thing is, at least I was able to take pretty pictures! Who doesn’t like pretty pictures? Funny thing is when I turned the camera on – the battery started flashing red. Of course I’m thinking Rae you better have that extra battery with you… and lo and behold the extra battery was with me. Jesus help me to be ready.

I had the best time there! I had amazing food and had the opportunity to meet an amazing group of people who care not just about food, but about the community.  What better way to spend a Monday night?  If you happen to be in the DMV, make sure you support both @ArcadiaFood and @FireflyCheese.

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10 thoughts on “Right Place, Right Time: Arcadia Farm + Firefly Cheese

  1. Just Peachy!

    You would be surprised at the things you miss out on when you break out of.your routine.Friendships and opportunitiesand fun, so much can be missed.I think we get caught up thinking that we don’t have time, forgetting that we must make time. Glad to see you enjoying life and living it up!


    1. Rae Post author

      Thank you! Right?? Sometimes we need to break out of the routine and just go with the flow. I really am the girl who if someone says “can you get on this plane and go to ______ right now?” I will say yes because you never know the good that happens when you do.


    1. Rae Post author

      I know right? I need to just be more open to these sorts of things. It makes all the difference when we are!


  2. Eva

    “I have to go home and do whatever it is that’s so important that I need to get home. But it isn’t that type of party this year or going forward.” <<<– Girl…. Yes. I need to remember this. I wonder if this is too long to get printed on a shirt. Love it! Opportunities await… :)


    1. Rae Post author

      can you print this on a shirt for me? I will wear the hell out of it!!! V-neck, super-soft tee. opportunities definitely await girl!


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