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I’m fairly sure writers and other artists lie and tell the truth at the same time. It’s a game of survival when we feel most vulnerable.  We say it’s ok even when it’s not. We say we’re ok when we’re not.  Mostly because we often have a story to tell, a job to do.  We channel it through our writing, our photos.  It happens unexpectedly.

While I’ve talked about writing and the struggle to write about a personal life when you’re not sure of the stories you can tell, I also know you can tell quite a bit from the things people aren’t saying as well as what they choose to show.

Writers and Truth

The stories we choose to tell are just as important as the posts we choose to write.  It’s not easy.  The coating and all of the layers we wear makes us wonder what color the story was at the beginning.

I myself can tell you, often there’s a hidden meaning or a hidden story behind every post.  Every photo.  Sometimes I know what it is upfront and other times I see it later.  It happens as a “oh that’s why I was feeling that way” or a “wow I didn’t realize the connection when I took this photo or wrote this down.”

What’s more interesting is how photographing my life has been life-changing over the last few months. I’ve been known to take thousands of photos on my phones over the years. I just never shared them.  I was reading Karen Walrond’s blog Chookooloonks and love what she said:

I think a great photograph reveals almost as much about the photographer as it does about the subject of the image.  ~ Karen Walrond

Over the years, taking photos has helped me pay more attention, hone my eye for the things I love and I’d rather say see things differently.  Not to mention – I’m STILL learning about myself with a new camera and the things I’m able to capture.  About the things I find amazing and beautiful.

Capturing photos has truly been a way to tell the story.  To tell a story that I may not have seen was there before.  Capturing images also relieves a writer from having to bear his or her soul when they can’t put the words on the page that day.

I dare say, it’s brought me closer to myself and God.  I get to notice the beauty He creates along with the challenge of capturing it the way my eyes and spirit see it.  I’m relieved to have the camera.  It’s been the best gift I’ve bought myself in possibly ever.  It’s forcing me to peel back the layers and stay true to myself.  Funny how something seemingly so simple can cause the largest shift.  Something that should have been obvious was hidden to even me.

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4 thoughts on “Hidden Truths and Obvious Blessings

  1. trinityizreal

    Rae!!!! This post is so true and you are inspiring me to want to get out and capture some things (I’ll need to get a camera first :)) These photographs are beyond stunning. Is the first a droplet of water on like a branch or something? I’ve never seen an as intense picture of a sharpened pencil and its shavings…and, paint peeling!!! Consider making your photographs a component of your book or doing a compilation of your shots into a book! It’s all beautiful and artistically stunning. Thank you for starting to share! LOVE! Where’s that group for “fromraewithlove” addicts??!


    1. Rae Post author

      Thank you De’Nita!!! I have a feeling the camera might have saved me this year. It took me a long time to get it, but it’s been worth every moment. The first picture is a droplet of water just hanging from a branch. I am planning to add some of the photos to the book. I’m behind on it. Looking like 2015 real talk. But other amazing things on the horizon.


  2. Just Peachy!

    I have much respect for you bloggers that bring attention to things while trying to have some degree of privacy and transparency at the same time . Especially when it hits close to home, seems like such hard work at times.

    Like they say a picture means a thousand words. You can post something and let the pic speak for itself. I love how you can capture something and it brings you right to a certain time or place. You instantly remember every detail of that moment, how you were feeling, the scents, tastes, the colors around you. I am feeling nostalgic now, I think I am going to go through and look at some old photos just so that I can smile


    1. Rae Post author

      Being a blogger really has it’s moments. More bliss and love than anything else, but it’s definitely a balance. Sometimes a difficult one. But I can’t quit :)

      I do love that I can snap photos and just leave them there. It’s freeing. I’m thankful. I love looking through old photos. It’s so important to capture the moments. They are here and gone again.


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